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Hey there!

When you purchase a service from us, the reason why it shows pending depends on the service you purchased, and how long ago you purchased it.

For our services with instant activation, (Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, etc.), generally, your service will only be pending until payment of your first invoice has been received, and your service has been activated and a welcome email sent (generally within 5-10 minutes). If your service is still pending, please check under your invoices first, if the invoice is still showing "unpaid" please allow a few more minutes for our system to acknowledge the payment and mark the invoice paid. If your invoice is marked paid, and you've waited 5-10 minutes and your service is still marked as pending, please submit a support ticket to our billing department so we may investigate. 


For our services with manual activation, (Dedicated Servers, Colocation, etc.), your service will show as pending until we have manually activated the service and sent out your welcome email. If for some reason you have received your service, and it is still showing pending, please submit a ticket to our billing department, and they will manually change it from pending to active. Please note it will not affect your service if it is still shown as pending in the system for our manually activated services, and you will still be billed, and able to use your service as usual.


Should you ever have any questions regarding the status of your order, feel free to submit a ticket to our billing department and we will be more than happy to assist!

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